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Drinking is something most of us enjoy whether it’s a small drink here and there or attempting to drink a whole keg till you pass out. Do you like alcohol?

Did you know that the type of drunk you are can be linked back to your zodiac sign? Well, it can! What type of drunk are you based on your zodiac sign? Find out below.

Aries (Go Big Or Go Home Drunk)

You will take any shot and play any game. You are so much fun to be around and you can make the whole party laugh when you want to. The only downside to you is that you do not know when enough is enough. You will drink until you can’t drink anymore and often this leads to a sharp tongue.

Taurus (The Smiley Drunk)

When you drink you become overly happy. You become so giddy that makes everyone want to be around you. However the more you drink the more obvious your clumsiness becomes. You will need a DD not only to drive you home but to also make sure you don’t fall to your death on the way to the car.

Gemini (You Are The Loud Mouth Drunk)

While you usually tend to talk a lot drinking makes it even worse. You will have a heart to heart with anyone who is willing to listen if you are drunk. This can be a bad thing because you will in most cases accidentally tell someone something your sober self wanted to keep a secret.

Cancer (The Overly Flirty Drunk)

You already have a hard time saying no so when you drink the shots keep coming until you’re torn up. Once you get too drunk you will flirt with any and every person who comes your way. You are someone who never knows what she will get into and this often results in bad decisions being made. Most of which you do not remember.

Leo (The Dancing Drunk)

How you manage to stay on your feet after so many drinks amaze others. You will never want to get off the dance floor. Music mixed with alcohol is like soul food for you. You handle your drinks well and know where the line is. you rarely cross it.

Virgo (The Drunk Loser)

You aren’t usually big on getting drunk anyway. You’d rather leave out on a journey to find yourself buzzed. You prefer house parties because the setting is less intense. When you get drunk your inner cursing demon comes out in a blaze of “fuck you’s” to whoever is near.

Libra (The Drunk Who Loses All Control)

You are yet another sign that does not know when to stop drinking. You find yourself in the most random and unsavory situations because of this. Luckily you also tend to not remember the things you do when you’re wasted. You make tons of regrettable mistakes, however, you do not regret the things you don’t remember. How many times have you passed out drunk at a party?

Scorpio (The Smart Ass Drunk)

You are sarcastic and frustrating when you are drunk. You are without a doubt the one who likes to show off the most when you are wasted. When it comes to offending others when you’re drunk you will do that and more.

Sagittarius (The Spontaneous Drunk)

You are always down for fun and will do anything on the spot. When it comes to drinking you will try all the new bars and all the new party scenes. You are a carefree drunk that often gets into fights with others. You don’t give a fuck what others think and when you’re wasted others know that all too well.

Capricorn (The Classy Drunk)

You are always aware of your limits and never exceed that. You will not drink a lot often but when you do you still would not do anything stupid. You will always do your best to keep your composure.

Aquarius (The Fake Drunk)

You are someone who will drink a little bit and still act as if you’ve had way too much to drink. You try too hard when it comes to parties and you need to work on that. You will do whatever it takes to make yourself seem more interesting, this is not a good thing.

Pisces (The Danger-Seeking Drunk)

You will do whatever you want when you’re drunk and on one can stop you. You are often one of the last to pass out from drinking too much and the first to do all the wildest stunts. You will always be forcing others to up their game.