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Forgiving someone is the easy part. The hard part is forgetting, these signs do not know how to forget.

These signs will forgive you but they will always think of that one thing when they’re looking at you. Attempting to overlook the issue is something they cannot do, no matter how badly they may want to. While this may seem cruel to you it is something they cannot avoid.

The 5 signs that forgive but can’t forget:

1. Taurus

The Taurus’ anger will not let them forget anything. The Taurus is quick to forgive even when they are not ready to because of how attached to you they are. Even though they are hurt they will continue on like normal.

2. Gemini

The Gemini will forgive and treat things like normal but the whole time they are looking at you, they will be thinking of the thing you did. It will take them years to get over it and I can almost guarantee you will hear something about it the next time you get into a big argument.

3. Cancer

The Cancer is too loving and caring. They are weak when it comes to you and will drop any issue that comes up just because they love you. That being said the Cancer is suspicious and often brings old issues up when things are going downhill. The Cancer holds far too much back.

4. Scorpio

This sign holds serious grudges just because they have forgiven you does not mean they will not be getting their revenge.

5. Aquarius

An Aquarius can forgive and never look back when it is a small issue but when something serious happens they will not be able to forget it. They will get caught up in everything they should have said and it will consume them. They will also become short with you until you have made up for your actions.