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Let’s face it some signs suck when it comes to relationships and others are amazing. These signs are the best partners a person could have!

Did your sign make the list? I for one will be on the hunt for one of these the next time in relationship-shopping. Why spend so much time on a sign that won’t stick? These signs are not afraid of commitment at all!


This sign is one that will work hard to be with you. No matter what life throw your way they will always have your back.


Yes, they like to talk a lot but if you can get over that they make wonderful caring partners who will always be there when you need them. They will stand up for you even when they shouldn’t.


This sign is often taken advantage of because they are overly trusting. They will give you the shirt off of their back if you need it.


This sign is easily the most likable with good reason. They are great at conversations and seem to be wittier than most. You will fall for them fast but the best thing about them is they will catch you.


This sign will sweep you off your feet and chase you for as long as they can. You will have to think of things to keep them from getting bored but if you can keep them entertained they will stick around forever.


This sign is one that will make you feel comfortable no matter the situation. You can count on them to lighten the mood anywhere and they will always keep your spirits up.


This sign will place you on a pedestal and dust you off from time to time. They will never make you feel less than them and they will always give you the respect you deserve.