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Some signs just go better together. This is because their personality traits mesh so well.

If you have ever been in a relationship and wondered where things went wrong you might be dealing with a conflicting sign. As cheesy as it sounds when selecting a partner asking someone their sign can come in handy.

These are the three zodiac couples that go together like nothing else:

Leo & Libra

Leos often feel differently when in the presence of a Libra. This is a good thing. In this, the Libra is gaining a true protector and the Leo is no longer as vain. At least when it comes to the Libra. While usually, you would never see a Leo beg when it comes to a Libra anything is possible. These two signs are magic together.

Virgo & Aquarius

While this is a strange combination it works. These two have the perfect relationship all around. The Aquarius is a dreamer while the Virgo stays on the more practical side. Normally you would think this would cause conflict but it doesn’t. As long as no one gets bored, everyone is happy.

Gemini & Aries

These two will fight from time to time. That being because of the Gemini’s two-sidedness and the Aries ego but overall they do well with one another. They both love deeply and have traits about them the other lacks. An Aries is an ideal partner for a Gemini.