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Have you ever wondered what might frighten a narcissist? Well, it turns out they are frightened by a lot of things.

The following 9 things rock their world. They cannot handle them even in small doses. Narcissists are actually big babies when things get turned around on them.

1. Rejection

When rejected the narcissist may go into a literal fit of rage. They will make threats and do anything to make you feel bad. You see, when you reject them you are rejecting the person they want to be. This negates their entire reasoning for existence.

2. Abandonment

If you ever threaten to leave a narcissist they will do whatever they can to try and convince you to stay. When you leave a narcissist you are forcing them to confront their own emptiness.

3. Being Disrespected

No one likes to be disrespected, especially the narcissist. They will think of any small thing as a personal attack against them.

4. Being ignored

No one likes to be ignored in general but ignoring a narcissist gives them no supply at all. This makes them lash out and try to get you to hate them because they would rather you hate them than ignore them. You see, negative attention is still attention.

5. Being Exposed

If you call a narcissist out on their abusive behavior they will become overly pissed off. This is often when they try to gaslight you. Narcissists do not like to be held accountable for their actions.

6. Aging

The narcissist is not one to be okay with aging. They are obsessed with themselves and do not want to see themselves deteriorate like that. Old age is terrifying to them.

7. Being Made Fun of

The narcissist will laugh at you but does not want you laughing at him or her. You see when you make fun of a narcissist you are making fun of the person they want everyone to see, their ‘perfect’ false image of themselves.

8. Death

Dying means they can no longer be in the spotlight and that they will have to deal with the things they have done. Most narcissists become religious in old age as an attempt to save themselves in the end.

9. Losing Their Success

If they lose a promotion or anything along that line they seem to go bananas. They see this as a major step back and cannot handle it.

You see, there are lots of things that terrify a narcissist. What these all boil down to is not being in control. Being in control is the main goal of the narcissist. If you take that control away they have nothing.