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Just when you thought your morning coffee couldn’t get any better, something comes along that shouts, “I NEED IT!” These crystal coffee mugs are the things that dreams are made of.

Recently, Bored Panda featured an article by Collin Lynch in which he showcased some of his BEAUTIFUL crystal creations.

“I’ve always loved the magical and fantastical realms of life and after taking an interest in ceramics, I realized I could manifest those interests into a reality with pieces that could be used every day. I now work out of my home creating exciting pieces and projects that are constantly evolving which is a blessing for a creative person.”

Personally, for me, my morning does not start without a strong cup of coffee served in one of my numerous mugs. The mug you choose can have a dramatic impact on your day, could you just imagine how great you would feel if you got to drink your morning beverage out of one of these!?

Before we get into the pictures, you can buy one of these Aura crystal coffee mugs at his online Etsy store, Essarai Ceramics. However, stock is low at the moment so if you want something I would jump on the opportunity NOW!

Ultraviolet Dreams! This mug is STACKED with lavender aura crystals ????????❤?? she has a mommy ☹️- @the_real_baxteramis

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