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This lady is defying the odds by following her dreams wherever they will take her. She is someone who has an extreme passion for dancing.

While the world we live in is one that for some reason assumes that overweight people cannot dance Whitney Thore is proving otherwise. She is determined to silence all doubters and do what she loves to do no matter what the haters say. She struggled with eating disorders for years and has always had a problem gaining confidence in herself.

She has polycystic ovarian syndrome which is an incurable condition that caused her to gain around one hundred pounds. People have called her many terrible things as a result of this weight gain and it has brought her down severely. She did though somehow muster up the courage to post some of her ‘fat girl dancing’ videos and has been able to gain tons of support on her journey.

Sure, she is bigger than most dancers but she is absolutely fabulous! Take a look at the video below to see just how intense this really is. Good job Whitney! Do you recognize her from her show My Big Fat Fabulous Life?