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Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to cuddle kittens? Well, apparently it can happen!

While it seems far too good to be true, one veterinary clinic in Dublin, Ireland recently posted a job listing for what they are calling a ‘cat cuddler’! This meaning you could literally make a living loving on kitties all day! Doesn’t that sound like the best thing ever?!

This clinic is called Just Cats Veterinary Clinic and Cattery, yes a clinic just for kitties. So it is very important to them that they find the perfect cat cuddler for the job. They are looking for someone who is able to stroke cats for long periods of time and has the right cattitude for the position. They must be soft spoken and of course love kitties as much as the other workers. Dream job, anyone?


If you are in Dublin and think you fit that description don’t hesitate to send your cover letter and resume on over to [email protected]. They will be more than happy to review it and get back with you. How fantastic does this sound to you? check out the video below for a little more information on this. Who knew we could get paid to do something so wonderful?