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You can learn a lot about who you are on an emotional level when it comes to your zodiac sign. Your sign can reveal things you may never have thought of if you dig deep enough.

What does your sign say about how you express your emotions? Find out below!


You tend to lash out at those around you when you are upset. This is to be expected considering your personality in general. You can become angry quickly when under a lot of stress. Sadness even shows itself in the form of anger when it comes to you.


You are one of the most vulnerable signs though you do your best to hide that. When you are dealing with strong emotion others know to stay out of your path. You are a wrecking ball that will tear down any and everyone who gets in your way.


You are one of the few signs who shuts down completely when you are sad. You cannot handle negative emotion well. You tend to hide away from the world when you are feeling gloomy and over analyze everything until it becomes even worse than it was in the first place.


You can get through anything if given the right amount of time. However, you need the support of those around you in order for that to happen. You are not someone who does well alone and if left to yourself things will become overwhelming, to say the least.


You are a drama queen without a doubt. If you are sad everyone knows it. You wear your heart on your sleeve for the whole world to see and often play the victim. You need to get things together instead of throwing a pity party


You cut yourself off from the world when things go awry. This is often the worst thing that you can do. You don’t want help from others you just want to be left alone. It is best to leave a Virgo to deal with their problems because they will lash out at you if you try to ask them what is wrong.


You shove your emotions down your throat and pretend they do not exist. You are fake and will never come to your senses about this. You should be dealing with your emotions but instead, you are simply wearing a mask to hide your pain.


You become violent when you are upset and this can become quite hazardous. Your friends and family don’t know how to handle you when you get like this and to them, it can be quite scary.


You much like the Gemini shut down when sad. You do not know how else to deal with the negativity. It is like instinct to just retreat back into your cave and overthink things. You need to resist this urge and find a way to talk about your feelings.


You overthink everything as well and it gets you nowhere. You spend your life living as though you are a robot and that is not healthy. You need to stop focusing on the bad and look at the good. Your life is not as bad as you think it is.


You spend too much time putting your emotions onto other people. You need to confront them yourself. While you do not often blow up on others when you do it is terrifying.


You are a giant ball of anxiety when it comes to stress or stressful situations. You need to get out of your head and find something positive to focus on. Stop dwelling on the negative things in life.