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Dating is simply not what it used to be, or what it should be in the modern day times. Whether it was social media, our overwhelming sense of narcissism, or our broken education system that destroyed dating, it has taken a seriously bad turn.

Many people have the wrong idea of what dating should be. Social media like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram has caused us to have a false sense of self. We are so focused on showing other people how happy we are, we forget to actually be happy. Many people have the completely wrong idea as to what faithful even means.

Being faithful is so much more than just not having sex with other people. It isn’t just kissing, holding hands, or being physically involved with one person. When you are truly faithful you delete your dating apps, ‘add me on Snapchat’, and your open invites to your inbox. When an attractive individual that is obviously interested in you wants to hold a basic conversation with you, you don’t partake in it. You know the true intentions of that person, therefore, if you go along with it, you’re just as guilty. You shouldn’t need any more booty calls or backup plans because you’re only interested in the one for you, the one you’re being faithful to.

When you are truly faithful you don’t put up with flirting with other people. Not wanting to be rude is no excuse, because you’re not being rude. You have to tell the cute girl who hit on you at the bar that you’re in a relationship from the get-go. When you are faithful you are completely honest with your significant other, even when it’s about you running into your ex earlier today.

When you are truly faithful you keep your wedding or promise ring on, and your relationship public so people know that you are taken. Love shouldn’t be imprisonment, that’s not the idea here. You should be able to have friends of every gender, and you can like whoever’s post you want. You just should not be hiding it from your significant other. The moment you start hiding something, it is an immediate indicator you’re doing something you know is wrong.

You might not technically be cheating, but you are close enough. It’s close enough to hurt someone you care about, so think about that. Being faithful means much more never sleeping with another person. Being truly faithful means deciding your love for this person truly outweighs your desire to be with someone else.