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Have you found love yet? Maybe you’re looking in all the wrong places.

Love is something that we have great difficulty finding for many reasons. However, if you are looking for real love you should be looking to the stars. Your zodiac sign can tell you exactly what you need to do in order to find real love.



You need to tone things down. You are constantly rushing and overlooking the things that matter in this life. Stop and smell the roses from time to time.


You are too hidden. You need to break down some of those walls you built if you want to get anywhere in love. While this will be challenging it will help you a lot.


You need to stop being so hesitant and dive in. You can’t keep people on the backburner forever. Making decisions is something you need to work on big time.


You need to stop dwelling on the past. Yes, you have been hurt but not everyone is going to hurt you. Move on.


The world does not revolve around you. Stop being so stuck up and high strung. You need to deflate your ego.


You need to get out of that box you live in. Find yourself and then find someone to love. Be more spontaneous.


Stop being scared. Love is nothing to be afraid of.


You need to let go of the baggage you have been carrying from your past. You will never have room for new love if you are still carrying the old one around.


Don’t be so quick to give up. You move on too quickly without reason, try toughing out some of those rough patches to see what happens.


You need to let go of all this seriousness you hold onto. Stop being so hard on yourself and have some fun.


Suck it up and get out there in the world. Be awkward and uncomfortable.


Stop overthinking things. There are plenty of people out there for you if you would quit talking yourself out of looking.