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Locals in South Carolina are really intrigued upon the arrival of an orange Alligator! You might have seen him under the hashtag #TRUMPGATOR!
That’s right, it’s an alligator and it is indeed orange. It is no longer than five feet long, but it has gathered an abundance of admirers from locals! People are calling him Trump Gator! Although this isn’t quite a new species, many people believe he is sporting the colors of the local football team Clemson Tigers.

Jay Butfiloski from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources said that it might be caused by the animal sheltering from the winter in a rusty steel pipe. Kent Vliet, an alligator biologist at the University of Florida shared his views and beliefs also. He says the reptile is simply coated in some kind of material. “I have no doubt this animal is stained somehow. He’s the color of rust!”, he told Post and Courier. How do you think this gator turned orange?