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In relationships, it is not uncommon for even the most compatible people to argue. However, as long as everything is patched up all is well.

When it comes to marriage all arguments feel so trivial in the beginning but sometimes these arguments turn out to be big issues. Love as you are aware is something that does not come with a guarantee. You can try all you want but if the other person isn’t trying as well you’re at a standstill. You never know which moment of love will be the last you share with someone.

The short film below is called Gubbare. It sums up everything about love in just a small amount of time. In this film a simple conversation turns into something terrible and has this newly married couple tearing away from one another for a long while, however, I’m not going to spoil the rest so you’ll have to watch for yourself. You should never take your partner for granted. Every moment you have with them is something special that should be cherished. Think about how you feel after watching this and then apply it to your situation.

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