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Here on planet Earth, there are a wide variety of personalities, with no two personalities being exactly the same. And to complicate matters even more, some of us are exponentially stranger than others.

Of course, being unique, strange, eccentric, rare, or whatever you would like to call it, doesn’t make you an abomination. Actually, it is what makes us different than one another that makes us special. Some would even argue that the rarer the personality, the more interesting the person is.

And there are a number of categories for us to fall into as people. Some of us are socializers, explorers, hard workers, artists, great thinkers, etc., and while we may all fit into a category to some degree, none of us are exactly like anyone else. According to the following quiz, depending on how you see an image, you could fit into a number of personalities. Depending on how you answer, you could be considered a ‘rare personality.’ While it may sound a bit crazy, the results are actually pretty spot on!