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The zodiac sign we are born under can tell us many things about our personality. In fact, according to some data that was recently collected by, our zodiac sign can predict a lot about how we navigate our relationships, even down to whether or not we will have an affair.

Out of all of the zodiac signs, which sign is the most likely to cheat? Which one is the least likely to cheat? Well, I am glad you asked. Based on the data, Scorpio is the sign that is the least likely to cheat falling at just a 3% likelihood of cheating. Because of their fierce passion and loyalty, they make great partners, but their loyalty comes at a cost.

Next in line was Aquarius, who was only 4% likely to cheat, followed by Sagittarius who was also 4%.

To be quite honest with you, when I saw the data, I was pretty shocked to see who made their way to the top of the list as the sign most likely to cheat. Apparently, despite being the sign of partnership (or maybe because they are, idk) Libras are the most likely to cheat on their partners. Geminis (which sounds much more feasible to me) came in second.

According to Jessica Leoni (a sex and relationships expert who works for the site that collected the data) Libras are social butterflies who seek outside validation and Geminis are just straight up afraid of commitment. However, on the flipside, Scorpios are far more persistent and determined to make their relationships work, which is likely a contributor to what could cause them to be cheated on more.

What do you think? I think more research should be done, but perhaps I am biased, being a Libra and all!