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When it comes to a girl who is beautifully broken there is a melancholy aura that follows her no matter where she goes or who she encounters. It is tragic when you think about it, she loved someone so deeply and was destroyed in the end.

She is guarded and with good reason. There is nothing more precious than what is left of her heart. She is so different than any other girl. She is truly special. She knows what she will not deal with and she knows how deceiving love really can be.

She loves differently because she knows happiness, she knows exactly what it is like to wake up beside the person she loves. She knows what it is like to have someone to snuggle up to when it’s cold and she knows all the wonderful small things about being with someone in that way.

She knows what true sadness and heartbreak are and she is well aware of rock bottom. She knows how strong she is because of what she has been through. She takes pride in her strength and you will not get the best of her. Take a look below for all the ways a beautifully broken girl loves differently.

1. She doesn’t send the first text.

You have to show her you want to talk to her. She has been there and done that.

2. She will not deal with lying.

Some girls will let you lie to them a few times before getting fed up but she won’t stick around, not even for one lie.

3. She will be there for you like no one else.

Even when things get bad she will stay by your side. If you have gotten comfy then she is going to be your best friend and your lover.

4. She does not trust easily.

Her trust must be earned.

5. She will not expect you to pick her up when she is down.

You still can, depending on the situation but for the most part, she will be quiet when she is suffering. She has done things by herself before and is used to it.

6. She believes in true love even when the odds are against her.

Despite what she has been through she still knows there is someone out there for her.

7. She will not give you her heart until she is ready.

That could be months or even longer. If you think she is worth it, you will wait around and see. You will get one piece at a time.

8. She will tell you about her past.

Her past has shaped her into who she is now and she is not ashamed of that.

9. Even if she loves you she may seem cold.

That is not your fault or hers, she does this when she is afraid as a means to keep her safe.

10. She will be challenging.

She knows her worth and will not deal with being treated like shit. If you ever get the chance to love a beautifully broken girl, love her right. She deserves it.