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When it comes to a true soulmate we cannot break up with them no matter how hard we try. We do not know why this happens but it does.

Our lives are able to change instantly when it comes to meeting a soulmate. Our soulmate could be anywhere, maybe we met our soulmate at the local store or even at work. We just open our eyes and see them, everything is clear from there. Of course, how we find our soulmate is not important the fact that we have found them is the part we pay attention to.

We knew from the moment we laid eyes on them that we had to get to know them, we were drawn together. We feel the magic radiating off of one another and it is intoxicating. We are connected in thought, emotion, and spirituality. We only seem to grow more and more comfortable with one another. How could something this amazing not turn into an irreplaceable relationship?

Before meeting our true soulmate we thought we had found him before, we were wrong. We were young and naive, we mistook obsession and extreme like for love. We were left behind or simply decided things wouldn’t work. This would not have happening if that person had been our true soulmate.

With our true soulmate, we never have to wonder if the fire has gone out, it is always raging on. We are joined by our souls, a red string pulling us forever together. There has never been an option to leave, nor would we if given the chance. We love time and time again until we find our soulmate. This is our fate.

We all find our special someone, in the end, be it here or in another life. Destiny is not something we can fight. Despite the downfall that comes with being human we all continue on, a quest to find true love. Once we find it we cannot leave it.