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Everybody is different and we all fall in love differently. However, many people believe they are in love with someone when they are really not in love at all.

We all experience different types of love in our lives. People come and go throughout the years, and we face highs and lows that we never thought was possible.

It has been said that we really only fall in love with three different people in our lifetimes, and each of them is for a completely different reason.

The First Love

The first love happens when we are young, and usually when we are in high school. This love fulfills the dreams of our youth and fulfills our idealistic belief of what we expect love to look like, fairy tales.

Usually, we jump into this love head first believing that this is the only person we will ever love. We convince ourselves that this is how love should look like, even if it does not feel quite right. This love is focused more on how others perceive us versus how we actually feel.

The Toxic Love

This is the hardest one of all, the toxic love. The one that you really believed was different from the last. This love teaches us more about ourselves than you would like to see, but it is transformative, even if it is extremely painful. Lies, manipulation, and drama are key points in the unhealthy cycles of toxic love, and they keep you hooked, whether you want to be addicted or not.

You will find yourself always searching for the next high, the next “good time”, despite constantly being surrounded by the bad moods and bad feelings. This is the one you tell yourself will work out, “it will be okay.” It is the type of love you wished was right.

The Third Love

The last love is the love that comes out of left field. This love destroys any and all ideas that we have in our heads of what love should look like. This love is easy and we wonder how it is possible that love could come with so few complications.

The connection between you two cannot be explained, and the realization that someone out there truly gets you is perplexing and fantastic all at the same time. This love does not look like the love we dreamed of when we were children, and it does not follow any of the rules that we had set up for ourselves. This love just feels right. It is the love that has been knocking at our doors for ages and we finally decided to open the door.

Not everyone will go through these 3 types of love, but there is something to learn from them. Maybe you have not had all three of these in your life, but maybe you are not ready just yet. Knowing what love isn’t sometimes needs to be learned before we figure out what love is.

Your journey to that third love will not be identical to anybody else’s. Your journey is yours and only you will be able to experience your love story.