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Each and every person has a unique and distinctive color energy that is similar to their aura. Even if you can’t see the colors yourself, it is always with the person whose soul it emanates.

The human aura is believed to be made of 15 different layers of colors of energy that are all interconnected. Most teachings of the human aura concentrate mostly on the first 7 layers.

We all vibrate at different frequencies which cause us to give off our own particular hue. Auras can reveal information about your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. The colors vary and can be light or dark shades. All living things radiate an aura from the energy they emit. There are a variety of different ways in which the color of our own energy may affect us. Perhaps one of the main ones is that it has a subtle, unconscious influence on other people’s perception of us. They read the vibrations we radiate and put off, so in addition to our behavior and personalities, our energy matters!

This quiz will help you explore what color your energy is currently vibrating at! The images and options are designed to help your subconscious draw out the answer. What color did you get?