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Now found in many countries worldwide, the goth subculture began in England during the early 1980’s with the rise of goth rock. Associated with specific tastes in music, aesthetics, and fashion, the goth subculture has not only stood the test of time but continued to grow and evolve. Here is a collection of images depicting the goth culture and its many variations around the world.


The Goth culture continues to thrive in its birthplace, England. English bands such as The Cure and The Clash have helped to develop the specific style of Gothic fashion that is most identified with within their borders. 


The Gothic culture in France has taken a far more traditional approach, heavily influenced by Victorian Era style. 


Italy, similar to France, has also moved towards a very historical take on the Gothic style that is popular there.


While influenced by a historical style, similar to France and Italy, Canada has taken the Gothic style to a whole new place. Leaning more towards the steampunk attire, the Gothic culture is so large in Canada that they are now celebrating with all goth-based festivals across the nation. 


Similar to Canada, Israel has also seen a large number of goth-based festivals springing up across the country. 


With many of the world’s most popular metal and black metal groups hailing out of Germany, it is no surprise that their Gothic culture is going strong, however, the interesting difference is the way in which they incorporate the Norse culture. 


Much like Germany, Norway also incorporates a lot of Norse culture and black metal into their Gothic style. 


The Gothic scene in Russia, while incorporating elements of Norse culture, includes a much more modern version of this style than those in Germany and Norway. 


Not only is there a strong Gothic representation in Brazil, but the culture is thriving in the Amazon Jungle! 


There is no barrier that will stop the Gothic culture from growing and expanding to new countries – not even communism! The Gothic culture in Cuba is going strong! 


Another country where a strong representation of Gothic culture may surprise you is Iran. Young Iranians have been drawn to the morbid Western take on the Gothic culture. 


The Gothic culture has seen a significant following now popping up in Peru, with groups in both Lima and Mamara. 


On Instagram @stripperwife demonstrated another way in which the Gothic culture can span different nationalities and traditions, wearing a black hijab with dark, bold eyes and berry colored lips. 


The culture has also made its way into Africa, with a thriving scene existing in Kenya. 


The Indian Gothic scene has also demonstrated just how the original aesthetics of the Gothic style can be combined with the traditions of each individual country to create their own unique stylistic spin. 


Finally, don’t forget Japan! Known for the way in which they adopt and encourage some of the more extreme fashion trends that have taken the world by storm, their Gothic scene is no exception. 

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