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A woman’s favorite drink can actually tell you a lot about her. If you want to get to know a woman before approaching her, you should definitely consider what kind of drink she has in her hand.

While I can’t cover every single drink I will go over some of the most popular drinks. If you are looking for a specific kind of girl then maybe you should aim for a girl drinking a specific kind of drink. Take a look below to see what her drink might be saying.

Rum and Coke

If she loves rum and coke she is a bit lazy outside of the bar. With that being said, she can be one hell of a date. She is definitely fun.


She doesn’t like to drink alone. She is very social and is always aiming for ‘girls’ nights out. This lady is very energetic but is not as good of a dancer as she thinks she is.


Classy and sassy is this lovely lassie. She loves talking and is hard to shut up. She loves wine and will definitely fight you over it. Don’t underestimate her.


She is all about the blackouts. You cannot rely on her to get you home, please do not make her your DD. She just wants to drink her problems away.

Flaming Shots

She is fierce. You will definitely be able to tell whether she is having a good time or not and she will not abandon her friends to hook up with some random guy. She loves to have fun and is a great but loud person to be around.


She lives and breathes that show Sex and the City, beware.

Long Island Iced Tea

She is not quite sure what it is she likes about this drink but she loves it. She is stuck in her younger years and wants to live like the free spirit she thinks she is.


She is most likely a southern woman who does not mind getting a little dirty. She is polite and all the while overwhelmingly entertaining.


She is a very upbeat, sensual lady who loves being in social atmospheres.

Vodka Soda

She is really out there, in a good way.

Bloody Mary

She is trying way too hard to be healthy. She spends most of her time thinking her life away and most likely does not want to waste any of it talking to you.


She is down to earth and ready for anything life throws her way. If you want someone who will be equally as adventurous and laid back, she is the gal for you.


She is a risk taking hottie that will do anything to get what she wants.


She is not afraid of the worm or anything else for that matter, but be aware of her temper.

Sex on the Beach

She is a happy go lucky lady looking for some fun.


She is going to be much better at this than you. She is intense and fun but will definitely be too much for just any normal guy.