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Colors play a variety of roles in our lives, from the ripeness of our food to the various aspects of our personality. Some scientists have even alleged that the colors that we are drawn to could tell us quite a bit about our dominant gender.

In a study that was conducted by Minot State University in 2000, researchers found a gender preference for shades of blue from male participants. Females, on the other hand, were more evenly divided when it came to color choices than males. While males preferred both green and blue. In a subsequent study, it was discovered that men were more likely to choose red, while women would be most likely to prefer black and pink.

A variety of other studies have been undertaken in order to better understand the role that gender plays in influencing the colors and combinations of colors that men and women choose.

In the following quiz, you will be asked a number of questions regarding your preferred color choices and combinations to see if your gender can be guessed. Take a moment to check it out, and to find out what your dominant gender is. You may be completely surprised by what you find.