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Motherhood is not an easy task! When that child came into your life they didn’t come with a guide or instruction manual to make it any easier. You learn parenting skills from the people in your life, but how much of your parenting style comes from your own personality?

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

zodiac, aries


Aries mothers are extremely confident and courageous. Nothing can keep you women down – not even food stains, or the lack of time to focus on your own personal appearance! You will march into that play date with a baby on your hip and your hair askew as if it is the next run way style!

You are not afraid to charge right into motherhood, with a ‘trial by fire’ style. Power to you ladies!

Fearless in your efforts to care for your children; you make highly energetic and adventurous mothers – willing to try something new, experiment with various parenting techniques and feel out what will best work in your own families.


The fearlessness that makes you Aries mothers so great can also be your downfall, causing you to be impulsive in many of your decisions. You are daredevils, pushing the boundary too far at times.

You are competitive with other mothers, pushing yourselves harder and faster in your efforts to be the best you can be. Ladies, you are sometimes so focused on your ability as mothers that you lose sight of the best choices for your own child in each situation! Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of being selfish! This little one is depending on you!

Taurus (Apr 21 – May 21) 

zodiac sign, taurus


 No mother out there has a better understanding of the balance between party and business than you ladies! Taurus mothers are not going to sit back and lose control of their families, but when all is in order you are more than willing to let loose and enjoy life!

As moms, you are extremely patient and reliable. When that little one needs you, you will be there without a doubt! You are willing to buckle down, work hard, and do whatever it takes to be the mother that your baby needs! You run your household in a way many other mothers would dream – your practical and down to earth nature allowing it to come somewhat naturally to you.

You are persistent and determined. There are several things you were raised to believe in – such as good manners, and respect for one’s elders – and you will not let those values be lost with your children! While you would love to have a close relationship with your child, you aren’t about to sacrifice these values just to be their best friend.


 It is important that you don’t forget, Taurus Mama, that your children are just that – children. You tend to be inflexible regardless of the situation. There are going to come times that you may have to loosen your rules a little bit in order to get through the day. It is OK if they don’t learn everything perfectly today, there is always tomorrow!

There are going to be times that you are going to run late, or your house is going to be a mess when someone comes to the door. Try not to let this get you down!

Gemini (May 22 – June 21) 

zodiac sign, gemini


There are no mothers out there that have mastered the art of adaptability as well as you have Gemini mothers! This is a great skill in motherhood. While you may have your heart set on a specific parenting decision, you do not hesitate to change course should the moment dictate it. You are open-minded and lively, ready to roll with the punches.

Communication is a strength of yours, which is important! With your quick switches and ever changing plans you need to put this strength to work to keep your family up to date on what the current plan of action may be!

Your high energy ensures that there is never a dull moment in your home mama! You keep life upbeat and interesting! Your sign is also known for their high intellect – this often makes for quite the eccentric personalities, but that’s not a bad thing! Show that child how much fun life can be!


While adaptability is a great skill to have, you tend to take it too far. A change to adjust to a situation is one thing, but when the rules are changing every 10 minutes it will be hard for your child to know what is expected of them! While it is tempting to make the switch, and try every parenting technique you read about the second your read it, try your best to stick with one thing at a time for the sake of your family!

Gemini mothers are also known for high levels of nervousness and anxiety. Try not to let yourself get too tense. Take a few breaths, focus on the task at hand and remember – every day that your child is happy and healthy is a success!

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

zodiac sign, cancer


The sign of Cancer is the sign of all things matriarchal – what better sign for a new mother? You are hardwired to be a natural mother! Even at a young age you felt the need to take care of everyone and everything around you, be it your siblings, your dolls or your pets. If someone needed care and attention, you were there! While some signs struggle to take the step into motherhood, most Cancer women feel as though they were born for the job!

You are deeply invested in the relationships in your life – your family, friends, your spouse – and now your child! Your child will feel this intuitively, and it will create a comfortable and nurturing home environment.

You are overprotective of who you allow into your child’s life. No mother is about to step foot into your home for a play-date unless you have had the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of her parenting choices, discipline approaches, dietary limits and more first! While it may seem over the top, your intentions and desire to protect your own come from a place of well meaning!


Cancer women tend to dance the fine line between being selective over who they allow into their life and being a bit of a snob over who they consider ‘good enough’. Remember, as you sit in that play date judging the mother across the room that is struggling to get into her grove, that doesn’t make her a bad mom or a bad person! She may just need a little extra encouragement to get there!

Your sign is also well known for the occasional mood-swing, OK maybe more than occasional! Try to take the time needed away from your parenting responsibilities to take a breath every now and then. It is important to keep your emotions in check so that you are prepared to handle if something happens to go wrong throughout your day.

Leo (July 23 – Aug 21)

zodiac sign, leo


There is no more creative a mother than a Leo mother! You leave your own personal mark on everything you do as a mother. You give your all to every decision you make as mother, heart and soul, and your child will grow up learning just how much their mother cares! You are hands on and very involved in each and every step of the parenting process, and that is important. You have lofty goals and dreams for your child, and you are willing to do what it takes to help them reach them!

While you may have big dreams for your little one, you also plan on enjoying the journey! You are a master event planner, and your child’s birthday parties and play dates will likely go unmatched! You want to give your child everything that you are able to, whether it is the perfect birthday gift, the most amazing Easter egg hunt or something as simple as ensuring that you show up to every football game or dance recital.  Your child is your world, and they will grow up knowing it!


Be careful mama, there is a fine line between being a firm parenting and being bossy and intolerant. If you want your child to respond to your wishes you need to do so in a way that they are able to work with as they learn and grow! You are an over achiever and it is through that light that you are setting standards for your child, and you may not even realize that you are pushing them far too hard!

You work so hard to ensure that everything you do is the best of the best for your child, but don’t forget that there will come a day when you won’t be there to do it for them! While it is tempting to always step up and make sure they are handed everything their little hearts desire, don’t forget to teach them how to fend for themselves!

Virgo (Aug 22 – Sept 23)

zodiac sign, virgo


Virgo mama, you bring the best of both worlds to your parenting styles! On one hand, you are one of the most organized, planned out and directed mothers on the block, while just a short time later you are ready to party it up and play! While some mothers find themselves burdened by motherhood, you are able to see the joy and youthfulness that your child is going to bring into your life – a life full of laughter and good times!

You are the queen of common sense! While other mothers may be clamoring over themselves to try to figure out the most extensive and elaborate approach to a parenting problem, your practical and analytical mind will have the solution in two seconds flat.

Luckily for all the other mothers on the street, you are also modest so you won’t jump to brag about this skill at the next play date!


Try not to be too hard on yourself! The transition into motherhood is going to take a period of adjustment. Moving from your intellectually stimulating job in the boardroom to singing the Alphabet song and repeating the numbers from 1-10 all day to teach your child to count isn’t always going to be an easy one! The brain power of a Virgo is well known, so stepping back to childhood lessons is going to be a big change.

You are a perfectionist and highly over critical towards yourself. You don’t have to be a ‘perfect mother’ to be exactly the mother that your child needs! It is OK if there are times that they have to figure something out on their own – its part of their development!

Libra (Sept 24 – Oct 23)

zodiac sign, libra


Libra moms, you’ve got this balance act down! That ‘swinging scale’ in your life will never be better put to use than as a mother. You may have struggled with some personal chaos leading into motherhood, but having someone else to focus on will bring out your inner type A personality, creating a structured environment at home. Organizing is what you do, and you do it well!

You will be a great model for how to ‘have it all’ for your children. You will not only keep them organized and ready to face life, but do it all while dressing stylish and put together. You understand the concept of self care and the importance that it plays in your life, and take more than a little pride in your appearance.

Libra women know not to rush through life, appreciating each moment that is presented to them. You understand the importance behind stopping to smell the roses. This is going to show in your parenting, as you live in the moment, enjoying each stage of your child’s life as it happens. Whether it is planning a funeral for the bug that they caught the week before that didn’t survive, or spending hours discussing why the grass is green – you’ve got this!


In your desire to keep your appearance up, you will sometimes allow vanity to sneak in Libra ladies! When this happens, even your child’s appearance becomes about you, and that’s an unhealthy expectation to put on them. Remember that they are not a fashion accessory, and when you are out in public they aren’t there for you to put the on display, sharing your perfect parenting with the world. Let them have fun and be a child in that moment.

Your ‘swinging scale’ can sometimes start to swing a little too easily, creating an environment of indecision. It is important to be able to take care of all the various aspects of your life, but in order to be productive you need to stop and focus on one task at a time.

Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22)

zodiac sign, scorpio


There is no greater strength than that of a Scorpio mother, which your child may see as both a good and bad side to your personality! You will protect them through think and thin, but your strength will also help you to keep everything in your house under control! One disapproving look is all it will take to get your little one back in line every time! Your spirit and strength will shine through in everything that you do!

Scorpios have an extremely warm and nurturing side to their personalities. For this reason, many of you will find that you take to motherhood quickly and easily. While some mothers will work to embrace motherhood, and create that bond with their child your biggest struggle will be letting go when the time comes!

Financial security is VERY important to a Scorpio mother. Whether it is providing for the best education a child could dream of, or ensuring that they have the latest in technology to grow and learn with, you will be sure that they are taken care of! You likely got their college fund started before your child was even born!


Scorpios are extremely intense, and at times that is going to far too much! Combine that with our controlling nature and you are going to have to watch for times when you need to take a step back mama! While you want to protect your little one, they do also have to learn to stand on their own two feet at some stage in their lives!

While you will love an nurture your child to the best of your ability, Scorpio women tend to keep their own emotions close at hand. If you never allow your child to see you show emotion they aren’t going to learn to embrace their own! It is OK to be vulnerable from time to time!

Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 22)

zodiac sign, sagittarius


Sagittarius women are the ‘class clowns’ of the signs. Your humor is unmatched, and this will help you immensely as you adjust to motherhood on an emotional level. While the actual requirements and responsibilities will be a massive change for the fun-loving, free-spirit Sagittarius, you will do so with a smile on your face. Each misstep will be another chance to laugh at yourself, rather than dwell on what you could have done.

Your easy-going, fun-loving approach to life will make for a happy and exciting home life. While some mothers are focused on the structure and rules of parenting, you’re just looking to have a good time doing it. Your decisions are often spontaneous and may make other mothers cringe, but you just want t be sure that your little one is learning, and having fun doing it! You don’t mind if you need to take the time later to fix the wall, or live with a spot that’s not quite ‘perfect’, you happily hand your child a paint brush while painting that living room wall, giving them their own corner to focus on.

When your child goes through the ‘picky eating’ phase where they decide that cheese pizza and hot dogs are the only suitable food for every meal, you can roll with that! Pizza for breakfast? You’re in! What about when your child decides they MUST wear that superman cape everyday, all day, regardless of what may be on the schedule? No problem! You’ll help them pick out outfits that will rock a cape! You may even make yourself an adult sized version and join in on the fun.


While enjoying life, and bringing a sense of fun to each and every day is important, it is difficult for many Sagittarius mamas to remember that there also needs to be a sense of structure. You are often quick to volunteer and commit, but with no plan for what you are doing going into any given day there is a good chance you won’t follow through on all of these commitments. The ‘see how I feel when the time comes’ lifestyle was great when it was just you, but it is time to start adding some organization into your plans with your child by your side!

Children thrive off structure and schedules. When you decide to change the plans each morning they are going to feel a little lost in life. Keep in mind that they are looking to you to be their leader and example of how to handle this crazy journey called life. Help them to master the tools needed to stay on top of it!

Capricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20)

zodiac sign, capricorn


The Capricorn sign is associated with being the ‘father’ sign of the zodiac, so your approach to parenting may differ from many of the other signs. You were raised with traditional values, and you carry that into your role as the mother, and sometimes as the ‘father’, of your family. You work well with structure and authority, keeping your whole family together and operating like well oiled machine. While you would like to be close to your children, you will not sacrifice your structure in order to be their best friend.

Don’t think this means you can’t handle motherhood with your own feminine touch mama! Each Capricorn mother has an inner beauty that will radiate from you. Hold your head high and smile, you are the classy, successful mother that you see in the movies. With your solid work ethic, you are often the breadwinner, balancing your work and home responsibilities.

You are not going to go easy on your little one when bad choices are made, or rules are broken. You are more of a ‘tough love’ type mother, but doing so will raise well behaved and structured children with a good concept of how to properly deal with authority figures. Other moms look up to you for the efficiency and order in your home!


While efficiency and order are important, try to remember that so to are the softer sides of life. Your child wants to be with your and near you, and they want to feel loved. It is sometimes difficult for a Capricorn mother to express her feelings openly, avoiding ‘touchy-feely’ situations, but your child also needs that connection growing up. Every now and then allow your more vulnerable side to show through.

You tend to be overly cautious, seeing the possible problems with every situation. If you never allow your child to take chances for fear of what may happen they will miss out on A LOT of important childhood moments and lessons. Take a deep breath and remember, you aren’t the first other to worry. It is ok to be cautious, but don’t take it too far.

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19)

zodiac sign, aquarius


Of all the mamas on the blog, you are going to be the wildest and most eclectic Aquarius ladies! Your style is its own, a combination of all the different little things that you enjoy in your life. You are going to set a shining example for your little one of how to stand out and be an individual in a world that is often trying to change them into something they’re not. Do so proudly!

You believe that life is a magical ride, and you want to do everything in your power to make sure that your child experiences each crazy step of the journey. Life with an Aquarius mother is never boring! Each day is a new and exiting adventure, all thanks to your overactive imagination.

The Aquarius sign usually leads one to be slightly disconnected, preferring many acquaintances to getting too close to anyone person. This is about to change with motherhood, as you find yourself closer to this new little one then anyone ever before in your life. You are going to feel deeper and more intense emotions than you have ever previously experience, and that’s OK! If you feel yourself weeping as your little one performs in their dance recital, embrace it. This vulnerability will help your child to understand and navigate their own emotions.


It is important that you remind yourself that your child is just a child, and constantly on the go with your upbeat and energetic way of living may quickly become overwhelming. Take some time to step back and relax from time to time. If you have had several high adventure days in a row, fit in a relaxing day at home to give them a chance to rest and recoup – even if you don’t feel as though you need it. Your child craves roots and security, and you need to be sure that you are also delivering that among the fun and excitement.

As previously discussed, you are not quick to get too close or open up to others. You are going to try to maintain that way of living, which may give off the impression of being detached and unemotional. Try to remind yourself that it is OK to feel! Don’t bottle it up all the time!

Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

zodiac sign, pisces


Pisces mothers are the rare mermaids of the zodiac, bringing beauty and mystery with them wherever they may go. You somehow always look put together, even in your most laid back, lounge wear. While this may be intimidating to other mothers, you burst with compassion and warmth towards each mother you meet. You want nothing more than to encourage each mama to take care of yourself, and you will do what you can to help them figure out the balance to do so. This leaves most other mothers in awe of you.

You adore your child, ADORE, to the point it may even be over the top. They are going to grow up with no question as to whether they are loved and taken care of. You are the mother who will attend every game and practice to cheer your child on, and will rearrange your own personal schedule to ensure that you can spoil and support them at every turn. You are likely going to build a relationship with your child that will span well into adulthood, so cherish it!

You are nurturing and compassionate, and everyone can pick up on it. You have an open-door policy that extends not only to your own child, but also to their friends. When anyone in your child’s circle of influence is facing a difficulty, you are the adult they will reach out to first. Don’t underestimate the power of this influence in a child’s life!


Be careful that you don’t place your child on a pedestal. It is ok to love and adore them, and give them a strong sense of self, but if you take this too far your child may become egotistical and self centered. It is important to teach them to also value the other people in their lives – friends, family, anyone that they encounter on a daily basis. It is your responsibility to teach them this lesson!

Your mermaid style way of thinking is often seen as slightly kooky and eccentric. While this can be fun in short doses, too much ‘unreality’ may leave you with a lack of boundaries and stability in your parenting style. Try not to be too out there, you don’t want to embarrass your child as they get older!