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Love has become extraordinarily difficult in the modern day times. People are dating for social status, boredom, or just for pure companionship.

Today people are more heartbroken than they ever have been. People start dating at such a young age because they are basically taught to do so, and it causes kids to experience heartache at young ages. This completely ruins love for them, and they can have an extremely difficult time knowing how to approach it in when they grow older. For whatever reason it is, people are manipulative today and you have to be careful who you give your heart to.

People are so deceiving today it can be difficult to identify who is genuine and who isn’t. People throw around the L” word all over the place like it means nothing. Love is so much more than just affection and a fondness. You cannot let yourself be deceived by those who throw this word around. You can’t believe everyone that says they love you, or you will end with a broken heart. People come and go, it’s natural. But we shouldn’t be breaking each other’s hearts along the way though.

It can be difficult to be able to identify those who are saying they love you with no meaning behind it. Love forces us to show our good side and bad side. What does not seem important in the moment, might be crucial in the future. When someone is lying to you about love they do not act honestly. It’s not about being deceitful or lying, it’s the beginning stages of that. They were showing their true intentions when they hide anything from you in the first place. When two people are truly in love they share everything with each other.

When you’re truly in love you can trust each other. It takes a lot to surrender your heart to another person, but when you love them it’s different. There are a million what-if scenarios where they could do something behind your back, but you’ll never have to worry about that with true love. However, if that is the case, you will know soon enough if they are actually cheating. You should never be constantly worried about, monitoring who they talk to, or what they’re doing.

People who are lying about loving you all have one thing in common; they always go away. It might hurt, but in the end, you’re much better off. Try to take note of those who say they love you. Pay attention to their actions rather than their words.

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