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The tarot is an ancient deck of cards that can provide you with a limitless amount of divine wisdom. More importantly, tarot cards provide the user with the ability to connect with their higher self, meaning that each of us can be provided with a unique tarot experience.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn explained that “The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.”

And while there are a variety of different readings that can be conducted, each particular card holds its own special resonance with our personality. Tarot readings are typically conducted in order to answer a specific question, however, certain readings can be done in order to aid the user in the journey of knowledge of the self. This is typically done when the reader requests that the subject chooses a particular card based on their intuition.

Just imagine that you have somehow stumbled upon a band of roaming gypsies, and inside of their mysterious tent, a tarot reader awaits you to predict your fate based on the card that is calling for you.