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We all have some sort of weird kink, whether we realize it or not, and there is no reason to be ashamed of that. The kink community is nothing to be afraid of.

With that being said, like everyone else, there are some things you like more than others and then also things you refuse to have anything to do with. If you are not aware of familiar with ‘kinks’ chances are you have no idea where to start when it comes to trying something new. Sure, you could spend hours on Google figuring it out or you could check below for your zodiac sign and see if what your sign generally likes applies to you, which will it be?

(Remember some things on this list will be much weirder than the rest.)

Aries: Spanking

While you are daring and often egotistical you like to come out of your comfort zone in the bedroom. Sure, you enjoy doing the spanking but nowhere near as much as receiving it.

Taurus: Aphrodisiacs

You are reliable and can be quite tense the best way for you to release tension is to partake in sexual acts during an altered state. Intoxication is definitely your friend when it comes to getting down and dirty whether you are already aware or not.

Gemini: Asphyxiation

You like to be choked, whether it be mild or intense varies from person to person, but there is something about losing control that makes you super turned on.

Cancer: Biting

Biting drives you wild. You love it when someone you are really into goes for your neck or your chest.

Leo: Crossdressing

Yes, crossdressing. Don’t hate on it until you have tried it. You may like it a whole lot more than you thought you would.

Virgo: Anal

You are all about that butt stuff. When it comes to mixing things up in the bedroom this will be your new favorite without a doubt.

Libra: Feeding

You like to feed your partner, it gets you going. This makes you feel like you are pleasing your partner in new ways and with that, you will be bringing new excitement to your relationship.

Scorpio: Podophilia

This is arousal to feet. If you haven’t given this any thought yet you may want to dig into it. Do you like feet a little more than most people?

Sagittarius: WAM

WAM stands for wet and messy. This is something that stimulates both the mind and the body. Try getting all hot and steamy while playing with some paint, you will love it.

Capricorn: Coulrophilia

You love clowns more than most people would. You are driven wild by them and cannot get enough of squeezing that big red nose of theirs. If you haven’t already get your partner to dress up as a clown and see where it goes.

Aquarius: Sapiosexual

You are attracted to people who are quick-witted and smart. There is nothing more attractive to you than a person with an advanced mind.

Pisces: Accents

You love people who have accents. There are some accents you like more than others but the more someone speaks with an accent you like the more interested you are.