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You can find out a lot about yourself based on what you see in ink blots or certain pictures. Some people might see something completely different than what you see, and it all comes back to your personality.

Look closely at the photo below, then unfocus your eyes on it. What do you see? People commonly see two different things in the picture. Some people see a woman and some people see a skull. Depending on which image you see, it can tell you a lot about the struggles you’ve dealt with throughout life. Your perception of the image comes from a subconscious recollection of memories, feelings, and impulses.

If You See:


People who see the skull are typically going through difficult challenges in their life. The challenges you are going through have brought an immense amount of pain and negativity in your life, but through that you have become very wise and knowledgeable. You have acquired a ton of strength because of the troubles you have overcome, and it has made you who you are today. You identify yourself as independent and you don’t take handouts from people for sure.


People who see a woman with her hands on her neck are extremely maternal. They look after the people they love and they stop at no ends to keep them safe. Seeing this also means that you have dealt with mental trauma and stress. It could also mean that you have an internal regret, and t could be your choice in a toxic relationship. You should let go of whatever you are regretting and make the choice you’ve known you needed to make.