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Sometimes certain sounds, pictures, or smells can uncover something from our subconscious that we didn’t know was there. You can learn a lot more about yourself through investigating your subconscious, and you’re about to learn some right now.

You might be familiar with something called an ink blot test. Ink blot tests use a certain arrangement of ink blots to trigger a memory or subconscious feeling/memory. This photo works similarly, only it’s a little more in depth. The way your brain perceives things and how quickly it reacts can tell you a lot about who you are. This photo can tell you about your current problems and situation and what you should be paying most attention to. Just close your eyes, relax, and take a look at the photo. Take note of what you notice first. Ready? Set? Go!

What did you notice first?

If you saw the face of the woman first it is an indicator that you are extremely tired. You might overlook your own needs too often in order to meet the needs of others. You are a people pleaser, and it is causing you to be exhausted. You need to prioritize yourself as number one. It will take some practice, but you will get there; and you’ll never be happier.

If you noticed two horses first it means that you should be patient. Maybe you are feeling extremely dissatisfied with life right now, but something good is coming your way. Your grievances will be over soon.

If you first noticed the small details such as the bird and the mountains it means you have a lot of great opportunities to look forward to in life. You help others as a means of success, but never expect anything in return. Your prizes are coming soon.