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We all think about the things we are saying around our children but sometimes we don’t notice the impact small things like this really can have. What do you say about yourself in front of your daughter, do you let your insecurities show?

We are almost all guilty of having said something negative about ourselves in front of our daughters whether it was something as big as “I am so ugly” or as small as “I should go on a diet.” Saying things like this show our daughters that we are not satisfied with our bodies as we are. It is something that has been known to make them unsatisfied with their own bodies as well.

Your daughter sees you as the most beautiful woman in the world. She looks up to you and chances are most people say she looks just like you as well. Of course, we cannot always stop saying things like this cold turkey but we can reassure them that we are still content with who we are.

If you have a daughter take the time to stop and ask her “what mommy thinks about herself or say about herself” and see what she has to say. chances are she will repeat something negative you have said about yourself at one point or another. After doing this ask her what she thinks of you if you are not comfy in your own skin her response may be enough to have you feeling better.

The young ladies in the video below have heard their moms say negative things about themselves and they do not like it. They know how truly beautiful their mommies are and want them to know it too. Make sure your daughter knows how beautiful you both are.

What Your Daughter Hears When You Criticize Your Body

What your daughter hears when you criticize yourself.

Posted by Real Simple on Thursday, March 2, 2017