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Living in a constant state of change has brought me to realize that there are times when we need to just let go. Letting go is a big part of growing and moving on in this world.

We are constantly having people come into our lives and making their ways out. Change is not something we can avoid and sometimes we try to hold onto things that we shouldn’t, for far too long. While we will struggle with it, we must roll with the changes. But, how do we know what to hold onto and what to let go of?

Anything or anyone who is not pushing you to be better in this world should be let go of. We should not be holding onto people for fear of hurting their feelings or being lonely. We may miss the people we leave behind but if we do not move on we will not find anything we need in this life, happiness will not be achievable.

While every list will be different and you should definitely make your own, the list you will find below could serve as a universal guideline for when to hold on and when to let go. I live by this to the fullest extent that I can and it has helped me overcome many challenges, while I struggle I know this is something I must do.

Things/people to hold onto:

  • The memories and precious moments of your daily life.
  • The people who support your dreams.
  • The people who encourage your joy.
  • The freedom that comes with being yourself.
  • Large acts of kindness.
  • Love and all it does in all of its forms.
  • Those who do not judge.
  • Your sense of adventure.
  • Your sense of humor.
  • Your truth seeking personality.
  • The lessons you have learned.
  • Your ability to learn.
  • Small acts of kindness.

Things/people to let go of:

  • Everything the world tells us we should be.
  • All the voices saying you cannot do something.
  • The fear of living outside the lines.
  • Weak love from people who do not care for you.
  • People who hold you back.
  • People who judge you.
  • People who use you.
  • Anything that no longer serves you.
  • The expectations of others.
  • Wasted days that you cannot change.
  • Mistakes of the past.

When to let go: NOW!

Our lives are filled with change as I mentioned above. There is no better time than now to make a difference in your life. If we carried kindness around as labels and no longer took advantage of one another this world would be a wonderful place. We are always bettering ourselves and how we evolve is up to us. Make the most of this life. Do not let the people or things holding you back take control of your being, let go.

If you have been holding onto something that you need to let go off, stop. Be true to your authentic self and screw what anyone else says. You are amazing, don’t forget it!