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The United States Census Bureau reports that there was 5.2 million stay at home moms in married couple family groups in 2015.  Once a given in American homes, women took to the work force, causing the number of stay at home mothers to drop dramatically, hitting its all time low in 1999 when only 23% of moms remained in the home. Since that time, this number has once again climbed.

These women value the opportunity to stay at home with their children, playing an important role in their growth and development. While these women value the job that they are able to provide to their family, there are many who still compare the role of a stay at home mom to that of mothers who are still working outside the home.

While they may not be working for a paycheck, stay at home moms handle a challenging and rewarding job!

The job of a stay at home mother is never-ending, with the work hours running 24/7, 7 days per week. They are not afforded the luxury of sitting at a desk, off their feet in an office chair or taking an hour-long lunch break uninterrupted. Instead, they are always on the move with a to-do list that never seems to end.

They may not have a sign on the front door with a fancy title such as CEO or General Manager, but this doesn’t stop them from carrying an incredible amount of responsibility. They wear many hats throughout their day from chef to taxi driver, housekeeper to educator, fulfilling their jobs with pride and a level of flexibility that most managers would envy! There was no official training, no handbook on how to handle the many situations that may arise, however they manage every bump in the role and change in their plans while keeping their household running smoothly.

They spend their day watching their children learn and grow, helping them to learn how to navigate their way through the world around us. They teach them how to be self-sufficient, provide for their every need and do so with a smile on their face.

A job that lasts their entire lives, their children will grow up and eventually leave the nest, however, when life gets tough who do they call? Our mothers remain a mentor and source of knowledge well into our adult lives.

Here’s to all of the stay at home mothers – Mastering one of the most underappreciated, challenging and rewarding jobs out there!