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We have all gone through this, the husband comes home and immediately is like “Why is the house a mess, what have you been doing all day?” Sure, as a housewife it is important to maintain the house as well as the kids but sometimes it is just not doable. We all have days where we fail to get things done.

The struggles of dealing with the demands that come with having small children are very real. While the husband most of the time works outside of the home and does not often see the effort that goes into taking care of children he can get a bit ungrateful. Men often criticize their wives. This leads to a hurt and angry wife and causes a host of issues.

Stay at home moms love being with their kids but it is not as easy as you would think. If you are a criticizing husband you need to understand that she is working hard too. While the house may be a mess she might have spent two hours cleaning shit off the wall because your son decided he wanted to paint a picture after dropping one in his diaper during naptime. Kids are a lot, in case you haven’t noticed.

Stay at home moms are also lonely sometimes and overwhelmed. This makes it a bit harder for them to get things done. Lots of women suffer from undiagnosed post-partum depression and making her feel more alone is not going to help that at all. She is tired. She does work hard, she works hard in different ways but that does not make what she does any less valid.

She gets up early with the kids and wakes up in the middle of the night to feed the baby so you can sleep. She deals with all the fits and temper tantrums, she cleans up all the messes and handles all the stress that comes along with having these children. She knows she looks like a mess and could use a little bit more makeup or a gym membership but she just doesn’t have the time.

Children are like a full-time job all the while being on call. I guess what I am trying to get at with this is that men criticize their wives because they do not see the things she does. They are at work while she is doing her job. Some days she will want to pull all of her hair out and call it quits but she can’t she has to work even when she is sick or feeling down. She does not get vacation time and has no off days.

You are supposed to let her know how much you love and respect her instead of trying to complain and tear her down. She is grateful for all you do why are you not grateful for all she does? Take some time to really think about her and how she is feeling in life right now. Just appreciate her more and maybe give her a little thank you from time to time.