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As we navigate through a society that embraces casual sex and one-night-stands it is no wonder that most people fail to draw a connection between the act of sex and the spiritual side of our lives. It is only through knowledge that we can begin to work towards breaking down these walls and welcoming a deeper, more meaningful side of our sexual existence.

To better understand, we need to understand the way in which sexual energy moves throughout our bodies. For women, this energy flows in from the genitals in an upwards motion towards the heart, activating the Middle Dantian which is the energy center located at the heart level. This is the reason for the emotional connection that women draw with sexual activity and the reason why women are naturally more ‘connected’ when engaging in sexual activity.

Men, however, experience the flow of sexual energy in a very different way, intensifying directly in the genital area, and flowing from the body. This is what often leads men to climax quickly during sexual encounters, as well as the reason why they are often emotionally unavailable. By employing Qigong, a Chinese system of posture, movement, breathing and meditation, men can learn how to reverse their energetic flow, redirecting it up towards the Middle Dantian. Doing so will have two notable benefits – experiencing a level of passion in the experience as well as lowering the urge to ejaculate, allowing them to enjoy the experience longer.

Both men and women can also take their experience one step forward, employing the techniques learned in Qigong in order to direct the energy even further upward, circulating their energy through the Central Meridian Meridian. This is the energy channel within the body that works to unify the three main energy centers of the body, otherwise known as the Dantians. This opens a third, and even more intense level of sexuality.

When activating only the Lower Dantian, the lower of the energy centers located below the navel, you will experience a passionate, physical sexual experience. Moving the energy towards the heart, activating the Middle Dantian escalates the experience to that of lovemaking, bringing an emotional connection into the experience. If you continue to focus your sexual energy upwards and activate all three Dantians, the sexual experience becomes one of cosmic energy, adding a higher and unexplainable level of meaning to the experience.


Interested in the practice of Qigong? Watch this video for a simple 4-minute daily Qigong exercise for beginners: