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As a part of our progress through life, change is inevitable. And while it is inevitable, not all people are open to change and progression.

One of the many changes that are necessary for our growth, is our spiritual enlightenment and the acknowledgment of something bigger than ourselves. And when we begin traveling down the spiral of enlightenment, something inside of us changes. In turn, we become ascended and awakened to a truth much larger than ourselves. Unfortunately, not everyone in our lives is open to this sort of transcendence in our character.

Sadly, it is because of this, that as we become more spiritually aware, that we begin to lose many of the people that we are close to.

You see, while it may be obvious that a spiritual awakening will change the way that you view the world, it also changes the way that other people view you. For example, in Plato’s allegory of the cave, Plato describes prisoners inside of a cave. They have spent their whole lives chained inside of a cave, unable to participate in the outside world.

Behind the prisoners, a fire burns and between the fire and the prisoners is a parapet where puppeteers can walk. The puppeteers then cast shadows on the wall of the cave. As the prisoners are unable to see puppeteers, they believe the shadows to be real. However, one day, a prisoner is freed. If he finds the Sun outside, after walking past the fire, it would take time for him to adjust to the sunlight.

He would then know the sunlight to be the truth, rather than the fire. This is the spiritual awakening. However, when he returned to the cave to tell the other prisoners, they would shun him and call him mad, because they had not seen it. According to Socrates, if he attempted to remove the prisoners from the cave to show them the truth, they would likely kill him.

The reason I use this allegory to explain my point is that once we have seen the truth, and had a spiritual awakening, we come to understand the unexplainable. And as we try to tell our friends, family and loved ones what we have come to understand, unless they have seen it for themselves, it is impossible for them to understand. Because of this, many of those relationships that we cherish so dearly will dissipate.

However, this is all part of the awakening process. While parts of your awakening may feel painful, once you have made it through to the other side, it will absolutely be worth it. But, it is not easy and is not a quick process. It will take much time and work to become fully awakened. Thankfully, you will meet others along the way that understand your journey and what it means to you. And those relationships will bring so much wonder and amazement to your life that you will wonder why you ever held onto those that couldn’t accept your brilliance.