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Even the strongest people can fall into the arms of the wrong person. Just because someone is strong does not mean that they have never or will never deal with any sort of abuse.

There are many reasons as to why a strong person might end up in the arms of an abuser, however, I feel the most common reason is because they look for relationships that push them out of their comfort zone. Relationships often teach us a lot about ourselves, this can be both good and bad. If you are dealing with an abusive relationship or simply struggling in your relationship as it is, you should see it as a sign that you are a strong soul in need of deeper transformation through others.

In order for us to grow sometimes, we will need a challenge to present itself. You will need to focus on the bigger picture and use it to keep things into perspective. Strong people are more likely to attract more ‘soulmate’ relationships. This I think is because soulmates are people who come into our lives in order to help challenge our souls, this will help us grow. Sure, this can come with heavy and sometimes painful baggage but in the end, you will grow tremendously from the experience.

As a strong person, you may also deal with lots of people or partners who need some sort of healing. Generally, strong people are able to handle the pain of those who need healing and can give them the emotional support they need while they are together. I guess you could see this as a reason for the universe to bring two people together, one is in need of healing while the other is capable of doing so for that person. When it comes to this type of relationship you should do your best to not get caught up in anything one-sided. If you feel drained at the end of every day you may need to make some sort of change.

The most challenging relationship I have noticed strong people go through is a karmic relationship. This being a relationship that is overflowing with karma from past lives. You will be able to tell if this is the kind of relationship you are in because it will trigger things within you that cause you to feel heavy and confused. These relationships are often far too intense for their own good. Healing any sort of old karmic wounds in a relationship will be very difficult but is well worth overcoming. Now, if you stick with the lesson as long as the person is not abusive can be quite a life changing experience.

What should strong people in difficult relationships do?

  • Be soft sometimes, if you have any walls you’ve built let them down. You should embrace the challenges that come towards you with open arms. This is all part of your journey.
  • Be weak sometimes, allow yourself to be held and supported. You do not always have to be the strong one.
  • Love yourself no matter what happens. This is probably the most important of all of these. When you truly love yourself you will be able to move forward in a relationship. Not loving yourself will hold you back in more ways than you would think.
  • Don’t give up too easily. Sometimes the challenging relationships are the most worthwhile. Once you work through an issue your relationship will be stronger. There is nothing wrong with fighting and arguing from time to time. These things will help you grow as a person.
  • Be yourself, if you aren’t genuine from the beginning the whole relationship will be ruined before it has started. This person will love you for who you are and if for some reason they don’t then they don’t deserve you. You are amazing and worth more than you think you deserve.

If you are in a difficult relationship that of course is not abuse, (I would never want you to stay in an abusive relationship) try taking some time to think things over and talk to your significant other about your problems. Sometimes all it takes is a good talk to resolve deep issues. Once you take that first step things will begin moving forward full force. If this difficult relationship means something to you, in the end, you will see just how amazing it really can be once you are both healed and ready to love one another on a much deeper level.