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You know what you want, you are a strong woman. No, you aren’t a Nazi-feminist or unlovable you are just good at standing up for yourself.

It is hard for you to find someone to be with because you are overwhelming and a bit intimidating. You have been through a lot and will not put up with bullshit, this is too much for some men to swallow. You refuse to settle for someone who does not treat you exactly how you want to be treated.

Strong women know how to live their lives independently and while they do appreciate affection it is not something they cannot live without. They find happiness in other places, their careers and relationships with their friends and family members often come first. They are well aware that their lives are not incomplete without having a man around.

These women have known heartbreak and are well aware that they never want to go through it again. They are damaged and guarded but there is nothing wrong with that. They can now see through the lies of those who pretend to care about them and do their best to avoid any further disappointments. It’s not you, it’s who they were with before you.

These women have a lot going on and for some, they just have too much to deal with right now for a relationship. Sometimes life gets in the way of things like that and while it may suck it just happens. Strong women have no issue confronting men who think they can get away with lying, cheating, or any of the other things that come along with being in a shitty relationship. Some men do not like a woman who can and will speak for herself. (No I am not talking about all men. Not all men are assholes.)

A strong woman will not settle for the wrong person just because she doesn’t want to be alone. Being alone is not something she is afraid of, She sees this as an opportunity to better herself and she will welcome it with open arms. When someone worth her time comes her way (when the time is right) everything will work out and she will find the relationship she has been looking for. Love is not the only reason to live. Live for yourself and love when you are ready.

The right man will come into your life when you aren’t expecting it. There is no sense in searching for something you are not yet ready for. Sorting through bad relationships to find the perfect one just doesn’t make sense. A strong woman already knows this and while she would love to be in a relationship she is not going to let that consume her. She is her own person and she will accomplish her goals with or without a partner. Life will continue moving on whether you are in love or not.