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No matter how much you wanted to be everything to him, he always had a complaint. Sadly, while he was listing off everything you were too good, or too bad at, he missed everything that made you wonderful.

When you fought, it was because you were too intense, or maybe you were too sensitive. Or maybe when you were out in public he said you were too social, too spirited, or maybe you were too quiet. He tore down everything you did and made you feel like you could never be good enough. Of course, this left you confused and torn apart. Confused, because after contemplating day in and day out what you could have done differently you couldn’t find any answers. Torn apart, because you put everything into him and he left you with nothing.

And you could go on and on driving yourself crazy, breaking yourself down more than he every did trying to figure it out. But hear me out first. The reason you have wasted days, months, and possibly years trying to understand what you did wrong, was because there is nothing wrong with you.

Despite how he has broken you down, you have to get back up and shine your beautiful light. You are absolutely perfect just the way you are, yet no matter what, he could have never appreciated you. The reason being is that he is the one who is flawed. He lacked the ability to accept the type of love that meant moving past the small things, and accepting the person you love for who they are.

Because of this, he was never good enough for you to begin with. You needed someone strong, and brave. Someone who had the ability to feel all the things you did and more. Unfortunately for him, not you, he just wasn’t able to be that man. And that’s okay. Honestly, you never needed anyone, to begin with.

Instead, you needed to learn to love yourself. To allow your spirited heart to run wild, with your deep and flowing mind. To accept that despite your flaws you are the most beautiful person alive. And this is what you must focus on. Move out of your comfort zone, empower your thoughts, explore your dreams, and succeed continuously. One day, if it is meant to be, you will meet the man that is enough. Until then, just keep evolving, living your life, and learning about yourself.