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For decades now shamans, healers, intuitives and spiritual masters have known that talking to your body can be beneficial throughout the healing process. Through self-talk, mental imaging and vocalizing your inner thoughts, you can impact your mental, physical and emotional well being.

This concept works both for and against us. While positive, self-affirming talk can help to boost your health, aiding in the healing process, negative self-talk and beliefs can, in turn, create a negative response in regards to your overall health. If you have never had a reason to reassess your self-talk before, now might be the time!

Experts advise that there are 3 key steps to creating the necessary connection with your own body to bring about positive healing:

  1. Understand the complexities of your body, complete with the vast spectrum of emotions that impact your daily decisions.
  2. Allow yourself to talk to yourself, either out loud or internally, creating a mental conversation in which you are able to find a balance between the various sides of yourself, creating a peace and sense of unity to work together towards your greater purpose.
  3. As you feel you are reaching a sense of unity and understanding throughout all aspects of your self, raise the emotional threshold, increasing the intensity and moving forward in your efforts to heal.

Ian Brown, author of ‘Useful Things to be Saying to Your Cells’ explains, “Cells are hoarders – of emotions, of thoughts, and of previous experiences – and nothing is given up unless you tell them to let go.” Thus, highlighting the importance of communicating with our bodies.

The spiritual leader Osho also shared this belief, saying: “Once you start communicating with your body, things become very easy. The body need not be forced, it can be persuaded. One need not fight with the body – that’s ugly, violent, aggressive, and any sort of conflict is going to create more and more tension. So, you need not be in any conflict – let comfort be the rule.”

Knowing the incredible impact that self-talk has on the body’s ability to heal, it is important that we make the effort to put this secret to work. The next time that you are feeling ill, or battling an infection of some sort, such as a cold or flu, take some time to allow yourself to meditate. Once you are calm and connected with your body, begin to create this connection within yourself, encouraging all systems within your body to work together towards the greater goal of self-healing.

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