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When it comes to being in a relationship chances are most people will put up with a lot of bullshit. However, there are some things that are complete deal breakers, what is your deal breaker?


You hate being in a relationship with people why depend on you too much. You like strong independent partners, not lazy people who won’t do their part. If someone is taking advantage of you in the relationships you will not stand for it. They will get kicked to the curb fast no matter how much they ‘need’ you.


If someone does not respect you then you will beat their ass and kick them out. That temper of yours is something you do not mind putting to use when needed. You will not let someone stay in your life who thinks it is okay to belittle you or make you feel bad. You expect people to treat you how you treat them and no less.


You are not one to let someone step on your wings. You are a social butterfly and won’t change that for anyone. You are not one to be isolated and will always stand your ground when it comes to things like this. If your partner tries to cut you off from your social life things turn sour. You need someone equally as social as you.


You will not stick around if someone is playing games with your heart. You want the real thing and you want it now. You have no time for anyone who refuses to commit. As Beyonce says if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.


You do not want to settle in a relationship no matter the circumstances. If you end up with someone who will not help you with the big picture you won’t keep them around for long. You want someone you can grow with and achieve your goals with not someone who is going to hold you back.


If you end up with someone who is lazy and has no dreams you will end up hating them. You don’t want to be with someone who settles for whatever they can get you need someone who will chase the sunset with you. You are more than willing to work for things in life and your partner needs to be the same way.


You are attracted to positive people. If someone is overly negative you cannot deal with them. If your partner becomes a constant downer then chances are the relationships is done. You need someone in your life who is going to be as positive about things as you are. You will not hesitate to kick negative Nancy to the curb.


If someone lies to you then you are done. There is not much a person can do to win back your trust. Once it is gone, it doesn’t usually come back. You will walk right out that door and not look back.


You will not be with someone who is lazy. You want to be out exploring the world not cooped up inside watching television. Your free time is overflowing with fun outdoor activities. If your partner never wants to go out and do shit they won’t be in your life for long.


If your partner is immature you will not deal with them. You are stable and well put together as your partner should be. You will not tolerate childlike attitudes or actions. Fuck that shit!


You need someone willing to grow with you. If the person you are with turns out to be more close-minded than you thought they will not do well with you. You will always be arguing and nothing good will come of the relationship. If they are afraid of being free then you will be more than happy to let them go.


You are emotional, to say the least. If someone doesn’t know how to express their emotions of handle yours, you will not deal with them. You need someone who will be able to communicate with you fully and someone who is not scared of letting you in.