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If you are someone who ignores your horoscope you could be missing out on a lot of interesting information on yourself. You can improve just about any aspect of your life when you pay attention to your sign, even your sex life.

The more attention you pay to your sign the better. What do the stars have to say about your sexual personality? Find out below.


As an Aries, you are always playing games with others, making them chase you. In the bedroom, you are without a doubt always in charge and you have a talent for being in charge, to be honest. It doesn’t take much to turn you on and one that fire has been lit it takes a lot to put it out.


You will not sleep with just anyone but you aren’t a saint either. You like waiting for the right people to come along and when they do you go all the way. Your mood has to be right when it comes to making love but when things are going well it can and usually is mindblowing.


You are not shy in the bedroom at all. You are great at all things kinky and love to talk dirty. Experimenting is a big part of your sexual life.


You have to be emotionally involved with someone before you will give it up. Once you are comfy in a relationship you will do whatever it takes to please your partner. You are well aware of what they need and will give exactly that.


You need to be told you are doing a good job. When someone is moaning your name it will set you over the edge. You have one of the most constant sex drives of any of the signs.


You are very sexual. When it comes to making love you like to start things off sensually and are always making sure that your experience is one to remember.


You are very much into role play whether you are aware of it now or not. If someone is willing to go full on costumes and skits with you, your experience will be orgasmic.



You spend more time on foreplay than the act itself. Having sex with you is exciting in many different ways. You are great at sweeping others off of their feet and into your bed.


You like to have lots of partners and there is nothing wrong with that. You get bored too quick and your interests are often changing.


You are very sensual and love to be wooed. It doesn’t take much to turn you on and when you get going you aren’t going to be finished for quite awhile.


You love sex and if your partner can get you going both mentally and physically you will be in heaven. You love being seduced by those who wish to partake in a physical pastime with you.


You think about your pleasure more than the person you are with. While everyone gets off, in the end, you need to be a little less selfish sometimes.