In recent times there has been a ton of talk about sex dolls and women made of plastic. However, women are just as worked up about these dolls.

Companies like ‘Real Doll’ are going to be making male sex dolls as well. They will have batteries in them and can be charged to last for as long as you want them to. They will be able to respond to verbal cues and will be able to outperform any normal sex toy.

It is being called the “ultimate pleasure experience”, but it really makes you wonder where society is going. His bionic penis may be enough to make you kiss real men goodbye, but is that really what we want? To get rid of real human relationships, and replace them with machines? These male sex robots are equipped with things that will make your heart stop. They will be able to plug into the things that make a woman have a better experience, for instance, things like conversation and backstories.

These dolls will be able to carry their human lovers around and do things you usually have to trick a real man into doing. These robots will be able to literally thrust their member into their human lovers. They will be able to move as you would need them to.

Would you use one of these sex robots? How well do you think they will do? Could this be the end to real relationships and the beginning of something strange and interesting? For more information on this please take the time to watch the video below.

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  • Thomas Ohlemann says:

    In my opinion it will be a first commercial profitable step to the next chapter of human evolution which most likely will be a fusion between human and machine. The beginning of a partnership that will most likely hinder that humans will be replaced by AI….:) A most serious aspect of human future if you follow Steven Hawkins and other scientists

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