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Social media and the societal standards for millennials and so on has caused us to have false views of how we should be, and how to really be happy. It has also had a terrible effect on relationships today.

Men are taught from a young age these days that in order to be socially accepted and ranked that they need to mistreat women and have multiple girls hearts. Men these days are breaking girls hearts left and right. So women have to be aware of a toxic relationship when they see one. If your man shows any of these behaviors it is a clear sign that he’s playing you.

He Flirts with Others – You’ll know what I’m talking about if you experience this. It can be frustrating because it’s not like he is asking a random person to have sex with him. Although, he has a charismatic and flirtatious tone with almost everyone he talks to. It’s like he’s letting other girls put their foot in the door. It makes you feel insufficient and that it would be nothing to him to lose you. It honestly wouldn’t be because he has his rebounds already.

He Calls You Names – One of the biggest and most obvious indicators of a toxic relationship is emotional abuse. Men with temper problems are given a free card because they act as if they can’t help it. Everyone can control their temper, it’s just about your willingness to put forth the effort. He calls you names when he’s mad. He does this to lower your self-esteem so you think you need to strive for his approval. It makes you feel as if you’re nothing without him, but honey you’re a million times more minus that mean man.

He Can’t Drink – Men like this have a tendency to constantly want to impress other people. it’s like they never truly grew out of the immature teenage stage that makes them want to be cool. Because of this, you can’t enjoy any social gathering that involves alcohol because he takes it way overboard. He’ll be making a fool out of himself and you. It makes it easier to just not go out.

He Makes You Cry – No man should ever try to make a woman cry. In fact, no person should ever do that to another person in general. Him making you cry makes him feel dominant and like he can control you. When you cry it shows that you care, which makes him feel powerful.

He’s Jealous – Men like this are intimidated by any other male on the planet. They are dominant and the most powerful when it comes to you, but if you talk to another man he pitches a fit. You’re basically not allowed to have friends.

He Forces You To Have Sex When You’re Not in the Mood – When he wants sex he will get it. You are an object to him and what you want at the very moment isn’t relevant. If you deny sex he’ll make a huge issue out of it and pitch a fit. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the mood at all.

He Emotionally Abuses You – Emotional Abuse is often unrecognized these days. This is when the man makes you feel like you are nothing without him. You feel like you need him to love you more than you love yourself. He plays with your emotions nonstop, yet never acknowledges them.

He Lies – These men like to sneak around and hide things from you no matter how small it is. They tell pointless white lies that you know aren’t true. You can’t forgive him every time and expect him to change anything.

He Hates Your Friends – A toxic relationship is always indicated when the man hates your friends for no reason. He doesn’t want you to have anyone in your life without him. He needs to know that if he left you, you would have no one. He eventually makes you stop hanging out with them altogether.