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When you really boil things down the Aquarius woman is one of the most unconventional of all the zodiac signs. They are quirky, strange, charming, and overwhelmingly smart.

If you have your eye on an Aquarius woman there is a good reason for it. She is a woman you will adore and admire without a doubt. The only hard part about being with her is going to be learning how to find your way through all of her out of the ordinary qualities. If you want to get her looking your way then you need to know these things about her before pursuing any further.

1. She is one of those people who gets lost in thought often.

Sometimes she things too much or feels something too deeply. She can’t help it. She will not feel right until her mind is at ease and sometimes putting her mind to ease is not going to be easy.

2. Sappy romance will not win her over.

She is just not into that stuff. She prides herself and those around her on being original. Doing something that has been done a million times will not be enough to sweep her off of her feet. She needs to feel special in a special way.

3. She doesn’t like to fight.

She has a deep respect for others and their right to self-expression. She will not often fight for her opinion without giving some time to reflect over yours as well.

4. She is a bit more independent than most women.

She is no Gemini, she can and will do everything on her own. She needs her space and if you don’t give it to her she will be saying goodbye to you awful fast.

5. She will never stop evolving.

she will forever be improving herself on the inside and the outside. You have to accept that and know that who she is now might not be who she is ten years from now.

6. She is sexually adventurous.


When it comes to the bedroom she is curious about everything. If you aren’t willing to try everything at least once she is not the one for you.

7. She is extremely smart.

She is one of those people who researches things if they need to be researched. She will not converse about something she knows nothing about.

8. She loves to travel.


No matter where it is she is headed she is going somewhere at all times. Going on trips and getting away from your hometown is going to happen. She will not be stuck in one place. Are you willing to come with her?

9. She is intense.

Sometimes she will feel like too much for you but if you can’t handle the intensity you need to get out early on. She is going to continue raging on like a wildfire with or without you.

10. You cannot control her.

She does what she wants when she wants. If you think you are going to be able to tell her what to do now is the time to hang that horse out to dry.