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Everyone is attracted to something, whether it be someone that can make them laugh, a curvy body, an intelligent mind, and so on and so forth. However, there are certain traits that have more to do with your soul, that all good men appreciate.

1. She’s Kind and Nurturing

Men are drawn to the kind and nurturing ways of a woman. And if you think about it, truly kind people are a rarity in our society. However, when someone has a truly loving and kind nature, it is something that you can’t help to be attracted to. Men don’t want a woman that is just nice to certain people, they want someone that can brighten anyone’s day.

2. She Knows What She Wants

A woman that knows what she wants out of life and goes for it, is a woman that is highly-desirable. A woman that is a go-getter takes care of what needs to be taken care of, and makes sure that she is on the right track. This makes her the perfect candidate for a relationship because she has already established herself and can tackle anything.

3. They Don’t Seek Attention

While she may get quite a bit of attention, she didn’t ask for it. You will never see her begging for compliments, or trying to be noticed. However, she does believe in earning attention in a more respectable way: through her actions.

4. She Has A Good Sense of Humor

Men desire someone to laugh with, and someone they can be themselves around. Women that can not only make a man laugh, but also share the capacity to laugh with a man and at him, are priceless.

5. She Has Her Own Interests and Passions

Passionate women are obviously highly-desirable, but we aren’t talking about bedroom passion. A woman that is truly compelled to her outside interests will put every bit of effort into what she believes in. And this passion speaks volumes.

6. She Has Confidence

A man appreciates women that are comfortable with themselves. Good men find that women who are unique, independent and confident with who they are, are truly desirable.

7. She Is Gentle

Despite the shift that has taken place in the dynamic between a man and a woman, men still crave protecting their woman, and feeling needed. So, while strength and independence are highly-desirable, so is gentleness.

8. She Communicates Her Needs

If she feels a certain way about something, and doesn’t feel as though her needs are being met, she says something. She leaves a clear line drawn in the sand to show him exactly what she expects, and this type of honesty makes her irresistible.

9. She’s Easy Going

Men do not enjoy drama, and want someone they can be relaxed around. A woman that is constantly stressed out, right and uptight can cause a man to feel as though he isn’t desired.

10. She Can Get Along With Anyone

From his friends, to his family, and even to the cashier at the local grocery store, a highly-desirable woman has the capacity to be friendly to anyone. However, she also has the capacity to stand up for herself and others in an effective manner when someone is acting negatively.