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Narcissists are people who are always spreading negative energy. They are people with an exaggerated perception of their significance and they will ruin you.

These people are not capable of seeing the world from any perspective other than their own and it shows. Narcissists are extremely manipulative and will do whatever it takes to keep you under their spell. If you’ve ever encountered one before you know all of this to be true without a doubt.

If you think you may be dealing with narcissists but aren’t quite sure try looking for the following signs. These are the best clear signs you can find that will show you whether or not you are dealing with a narcissist. Let’s hope for the sake of your sanity you are not dealing with one.

10 Signs A Narcissist is Trying to Manipulate You

1. Everything is about them.

They are the most important thing in their life and this is more so than anyone else you have met. They are always bragging about themselves and making everything about them seem so much more interesting than it really is.

2. They will not acknowledge your accomplishments.

No matter what you do it is still not as good as what they do and you will never measure up to them.

3. They complain about being misunderstood by others.

People often forget about this one, narcissists are overly jealous of those who do better than them and will often try to play the victim in situations that do not make sense.

4. They insult others as a means of belittling them.

They will do whatever it takes to gain attention. This meaning they will verbally insult those around them in hopes of gaining a sense of power.

5. They play the victim all the time.

As mentioned above a narcissist will always play the victim. This is one of the things they are best at. They often use this as a means to hide a mistake if they have made one.

6. They blame others for literally everything.

Whether they are right or wrong nothing is ever their fault. They will blame others until they regain their feeling of dominance no matter how long that takes.

7. They see nothing wrong with the way that they are.

Most people know when something is a bit odd but a narcissist will always insist there is nothing wrong with them. They will not change for anyone.

8. They do not allow you to be around people they don’t like, for no reason.

Narcissists will shut you out of everything. They will force you to cut ties with people for no reason and shove you in their small box of what they consider their perfect life. When it comes to controlling their partner no one is more controlling than a narcissist.

9. They do not give up.

Even when they are wrong they will not accept defeat. They will argue until things turn into a full blown physical fight.

10. They feel like the world owes something to them for merely existing.

Ever heard of the expression ‘he thinks his shit doesn’t stink’? That’s a narcissist for you. They think that everyone should cater to their needs with nothing in return.

If you ever find yourself dealing with a narcissist please get out of the relationship while you can. There is no reason to be with someone who only cares for their own wellbeing. You deserve better!