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As you may already know Empaths are the most energy-sensitive people on this planet. They are influenced by, well, everything.

When it comes to keeping their spaces Empaths often turn to crystals. This is because each and everyone can and does have an impact on your spirit energy. These are the crystals/stones I believe every Empath should have in their home. Now, of course, you don’t have to have every single one but I highly suggest it.

All of the following crystals have benefited my life greatly and I would never go without them. Through the years, I have learned that the need to defend myself from the energy fields of others will never go away. A little crystal help can go a long way. Please be aware that these are in no particular order.

1. Zoisite

This is something that is not as common as some of the ones that will be on this list. It is something that helps to promote creativity as well as connectedness. This is needed because as you may know Empaths tend to be more introverted.

2. Unakite

This stone is something that will help to balance your emotions and bring your spirit closer to the other side.


3. Lapis Lazuli

This stone is more common but well worth having. It will influence your spiritual growth more than anything. It helps you to remain objective and not overly accept the things other people do.

4. Turquoise

This stone is something that will ward off negative energy with ease. It will help you to build a strong bond between your body and your energy field. Just one small piece of this will warm your home without a doubt.

5. Jade

This stone is popular, to say the least. It helps to balance any opposing energies that may be nearby. If you get into a fight with your partner it will soften the blow.

6. Fossils

While this is something that is not quite a stone or a crystal it is still important. These are good for keeping the Empath grounded and will also bring strength. This is something that can and will remind you that change is something we cannot stop.

7. Blue Topaz

This is a stone that will help you to clear your mind. It will let you see the big picture without becoming overly tense. I would not suggest going without this one.

8. Amethyst

This stone is for protection and will repel negative energy. I suggest have more than one of this stone. Always have one nearby be it in your car, purse, or home.

9. Rose Quartz

This crystal will give you a needed pick me up. It will allow you to feel unconditional love much better than you normally would. It comes in handy for grounding and will soothe your heart chakra.

10. Malachite

This is one of my favorite stones. It is good for removing emotional blockages and will help you get through stressful situations. If you are holding any negative energy inside your body this stone will work to absorb it.

Please remember that not all crystals work the same for everyone and some of these may not suit you. However, if you give them all a try you are bound to find something new and amazing to add to your collection. Enjoy!