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An alpha woman is a species all on her own. No matter where she is, she takes charge of the situation and makes her place known, meaning that not just any man can handle the daunting task of dating her.

And the alpha females out there know exactly who I am referring to, because as you may well know, if you are an alpha, you absolutely know it. Of course, this makes the alpha female a woman of extraordinary proportions, however, not all men can handle an alpha. If she is an alpha female, there are a number of things that you will have to learn to accept before she will accept you in return.

1. She Is Looking for Someone that Truly Catches Her Interest

The alpha female is a woman that gets bored easily and if you want to keep her within arms reach, you need to be up for the task. If you do somehow captivate her interest, you are on the right path to being someone that she enjoys to be around.

2. You Can Have Your Own Opinions, but She Will Demand that You Respect Hers As Well

It isn’t likely that your alpha woman will be willing to submit to you or your opinions in any way. But, if you don’t have any opinion of your own at all, she will perceive you as weak as well as a bad candidate for someone to be in a relationship with.

3. She Will Challenge Your Patience

The alpha woman will refuse your authority at all costs, and if you tell her what to do, you may not like the result. During an argument, you may need to have patience with her, as she is impulsive and fierce. However, it is this very passion that makes her who she is.

4. You Need to Be Upfront About Everything

The alpha female has no patience with lies of any sort. She knows what she wants and she is very direct about it, and she wants the same in return. If you can’t give it to her straight, then she doesn’t want it at all.

5. She Craves Ambition in a Man

As a very motivated an ambitious woman, she will ask the same out of you. In order to keep up with her, and to gain her affection, you must be able to prove that you too are a driven individual. Otherwise, she will kick you to the curb.

6. She Loves Compliments

The alpha woman wants her man to reaffirm how amazing she already knows that she is. It shows that you love and appreciate her for all of her effort, and that quality alone will almost win her heart.

7. She Likes to Be Dominated Behind Closed Doors

During the day, the alpha woman is always in control and always calling the shots. It feels nice to have her man take over in privacy because she can unwind and still feel wanted.

8. She Needs Space

As an independent woman through and through, the alpha woman needs time to herself. This helps her to unwind and to grow. She isn’t the clingy type and she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with a clingy man.

9. She Expect You to Grow

If you are still in what she considers a growing phase, or sees the ability for potential, she will push you towards your goal. However, if you aren’t ready to evolve, you aren’t her type.

10. She Expects You To Take Up For Yourself

Due to her intensity as well as her impulsive nature the alpha female may push your buttons from time to time. However, if you don’t stand up for yourself, she will lose respect for you.