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Throughout our lives, we go through a number of relationships, and many of those end because they simply don’t work. However, when an empath meets a narcissist, and partners up with them, a toxic combination that will reverberate until the end of time, is born.

Empathic people can not only sense the emotions and feelings of others, they can also truly feel them for themselves. The empath is a person who is sensitive, kind, loving, and nurturing. Oftentimes, because of their kindness, they will end up putting themselves on the back-burner to meet the needs of others. Of course, it is this very reason that causes the narcissist to feel compelled to them.

Due to the attention-seeking, selfish and emotionally bankrupt nature of a narcissist, they are typically considered to be toxic. The narcissist will typically have grandiose ideas regarding their own sense of self, and in order to reinforce this, they typically feed off of caring and complimentary people. They also have a deep need to be admired by another, which makes the empath the perfect candidate, as the prey of the predatorial narcissist.

Unfortunately, when paired together, the empath and the narcissist create a toxic union. As the narcissist constantly demands attention, admiration, and power, the empath will find themselves drained and overwhelmed with emotion. And the empath, who is quite sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others, may find themselves puzzled with the narcissist’s feelings. In one moment, the narcissist may feel nothing, however, when they do feel their emotions, an intense storm will brew, leaving the empath completely devastated.

And because the narcissist is a taker, they will continue to take and take and take from the empath until the empath is completely left on empty. While the empath truly does have the heart to fix the narcissist, they may not be able to see that in the big picture, the narcissist cannot be changed. They may want to be fixed, but, in the long run, no one can fix the narcissist other than themselves. Sadly, it is most likely that they won’t.

But, as long as the empath can stand it, they will try to do whatever they can to help. Yet, they will never get what they truly want from the narcissist which is to love and to be loved in return. Unfortunately, most narcissists are incapable of truly feeling love in the same manner as the rest of the world. They may have a general idea of the concept, but actually and truly feeling love is another story.

In the end, the two will break each other down, and they may even destroy one another. Eventually, the empath will grow wise of the narcissist’s true nature, and in turn, they will stop giving them the admiration they so long for. However, by then, the empath will already understand the toxicity of the relationship, as much damage will already be done.

For either the empath or the narcissist, it is better to steer clear of one another. If you are already in the toxic cycle, end it now before it is too late. Much of the damage a toxic relationship can cause is avoidable if the ties are broken early. However, as many of us know, it can oftentimes be easier said than done.