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Negative energy is everywhere, and we are constantly absorbing it without knowing. Thankfully, however, there are a number of ways to shield ourselves from these energies that are quite effective.

Think about it, when we are constantly interacting with others at the supermarket, at the gas station, and while we are out eating, we are opening ourselves up to the energies of others. We may come in to contact with a retail associate who is currently in a fight with another person. Without knowing anything about this person, or what is taking place in their life, we have already opened ourselves up to their energies without realizing it. Then, on the way out of the store, we may bump into another person that is also filled with negativity.

If we never cleanse ourselves, or protect ourselves from this energy, we are unknowingly bringing these energies into our households. So, what can we do to protect ourselves?

1. Burn a Smudge Stick

White sage, rosemary, cedar, mugwort, and sweetgrass are all wonderful herbs for cleansing negativity. Smudge sticks, or bundles of the herbs wrapped in cloth or yarn can be burned until they emit nothing but smoke, like an incense stick to remove negativity from the air. Once the stick begins to smoke, carry it around your house, smudging corners, cabinets, etc. Then, run the stick through your chakras and around your aura.

2. Burn Lemon or Orange Peels

Cut the peels off of an orange or a lemon, and then place them in a non-stick pan to cook for a few minutes. You should cook them in the same manner that you would saute’ an onion. Not only is the smell wonderful, but this is quite effective for cleansing negative energies.

3. Carry a Citrine Crystal

Citrine crystals are naturally cleansing, and in many cases are considered a self-cleansing stone. Carrying these beautiful sunshine colored crystals can produce positive energy in your life as well as remove any negative energies that have already found their way in.

4. Meditate

According to Harvard scientists, meditation can be quite effective in healing a variety of medical issues, both physical and mental. Many believe that by focusing on white light during meditation practice and imagining the white light removing any negative energies that you can cleanse away the negativity picked up during a typical day.

5. Bathe in Sea Salt

As everyone knows, sea salt is a very cleansing substance that can be used for a number of reasons. If you are feeling overwhelmed with negativity, or are simply just trying to prevent such energies from entering your life, a sea salt soak can be quite effective. Simply pour a cup or so into a large bath and soak in it for at least 30 minutes.

6. Carry a Protective Amulet

There are a variety of protective amulets available, including the hamsa, the pentacle, various crystals, etc. Choose the one that calls to you, and make a necklace out of it.

7. Chant

There are a number of affirmations and mantras that can be chanted in order to remove negative energies from your life. Even by chanting a simple ‘Om’, you will find relief from negativity.

8. Essential Oils

Sandalwood, niaouli and myrrh have all been associated with their cleansing properties. The great thing about essential oils, is that there are a number of ways to utilize them. They can be burned, worn, or even simply just inhaled.

9. Adopt a Tree

Go on a nature walk, and look at every tree that you see. Once you have found the one that calls to you, go and sit beside it. Lean your body against its trunk, and kindly ask it to remove the negative energies inside of your body. Sit there for at least 15 minutes, and before leaving, thank it.

10. Ground Yourself

Walk through the forest or your yard while barefoot. Imagine all of the negative energies inside of yourself leaving you.