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The quest for ‘Mrs. Right’ isn’t an easy one, riddled with drama queens, high maintenance ladies, gold diggers, and divas. All you want is that one person you can call your best friend, your partner in crime – the person you can face the world with and enjoy the journey along the way. Good news: She does exist! In fact, if you are looking for a fun, friendly and easy-going girlfriend, here’s a piece of advice…

Girls who smoke weed make the best girlfriends!

Ladies who include weed in their daily routines are the coolest ladies out there! They are laid back, entertaining and amazing in bed! If you can find a girlfriend who loves weed as much as you do, you will be setting yourself up for life! Here are some of the benefits:

She Possesses a Great Sense of Humor

Her laid-back personality also means that she can embrace her sense of humor. She isn’t worried about embarrassing herself or offending others, and this allows her to see the fun side of life. When you’re with her you will find you are constantly laughing!

She is Independent

Women who have decided to embrace their love of weed have long let go of the trappings of society. They don’t care what the world thinks of them, demonstrating their strong feelings of self-confidence and independence. They know what makes them happy, and don’t feel the need to change for anyone.

She Has Great Taste in Music

One thing that can be said for those who love their weed is that they also tend to have a great taste in music! While they are laid back and can enjoy whatever happens to be turned on, if you browse their playlist you will find some amazing artists!

She Will Keep Your Relationship Interesting

When you are enjoying the experience of getting high with one another then you are opening the door to some funny, entertaining and enjoyable days. Whether it is finding a ‘deeper’ side to your favorite movie, or battling a case of the munchies together – every day will be something different.

She is Open to Try New Things

Rather than being closed minded, or stuck in her ways, a woman who loves weed has an open mind. She is interested in trying and learning new things, and experiencing all that life has to offer. Whether you are bringing home a new food or wanting to go out to a new festival, she’s on board.

She’s Good with Her Hands

Have you ever watched a beautiful woman roll a joint? Her incredible rolling abilities will surprise you! Women are known for having great attention to detail, and this can be seen in the flawless way that they roll your next joint. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Avoid Petty Arguments

One benefit of marijuana use is that it allows us to let go of the smaller, inconsequential arguments that often creep up in life. The saying ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ is their motto – not wasting their time with the stupid little things that often creep up in relationships. They have their life in perspective.

She is a Master of Sharing

The atmosphere that exists among those who smoke up is one of sharing and teamwork. Cannabis users often partake in group sessions, and as such, they learn the idea that ‘sharing is caring.’ Whether they are sharing a blunt with you or allowing you to enjoy some of their favorite munchie foods, weed loving women are willing to share nearly anything.

It Doesn’t Take Much to Make Her Happy

The list of things required to keep a weed loving woman happy is relatively short. She isn’t looking for flashy jewelry or the grandest of romantic gestures. Instead, all she wants is a supply of bud and some good eats. Want to impress her? Order a pizza!

She Understands the Importance of Balance

While she may be open about her love of cannabis, weed isn’t the only thing in her life! Weed loving ladies understand the importance of reaching a healthy balance – making time in their daily lives for the people that they hold dear, and the hobbies that they enjoy.